Lauren Hakimi is a writer and journalist in New York. Her work has been published in CNN, WNYC/Gothamist, Bon Appétit, BuzzFeed News, The Forward, New York Jewish Week, J. The Jewish News of Northern California, Alma, Lilith magazine and more. She recently graduated from CUNY Hunter College with degrees in history and English literature. Please use this website to view her clips, and feel free to reach out at or follow her on Twitter @lauren_hakimi.

Selected writing and journalism:

"Long Island’s new Jewish history museum means business" The New York Jewish Week, Oct. 14, 2022

"He captured rare images of Jewish life in Iran. Then he fled, fearing for his safety." JTA, Aug. 31, 2022 (reposted in The Jerusalem Post, The Times of Israel, Enlace Judío, The Forward, The Jewish Journal (Boston), Cleveland Jewish News, Ynet News and Arutz Sheva/Israel National News)

"New York City’s Bukharian Jews find their voice in a dispute over damaged graves" New York Jewish Week, Aug. 25, 2022

"At this Lower East Side bookstore, customers exchange tchotchkes for pickles" The Forward, June 2, 2022

"Jewish Queer Youth is growing. For closeted Orthodox and Sephardic teens, that ‘means the world’" The Forward, May 21, 2022 (reposted in J. Weekly)

"Her Bronx Jewish characters ‘hate history’ — and are finally back on bookshelves" The Forward, Feb. 11, 2022

"Jews have been rejected by adoption agencies for years. This couple hopes to force a change." The Forward, Jan. 28, 2022

"In My Search for Khiar Shoor, I Found My Dad Again" Bon Appétit, Dec. 20, 2021

"Kosher restaurants fear losing customers over NYC vaccine mandate" The New York Jewish Week, Sept. 13, 2021 (reposted in The Jerusalem Post, The Times of Israel, Arutz Sheva/Israel National News, The Forward, The Jewish Exponent, Cleveland Jewish News and St. Louis Jewish Light)

"We Asked Mayoral Candidates About CUNY. Here’s What They Said" The Envoy, April 16, 2021

"24-year-old aims to be NYC's first Bukharian City Council member"  The New York Jewish Week, April 16, 2021 (reposted in The Jerusalem Post, The Times of Israel, Cleveland Jewish News, St. Louis Jewish Light, The Jewish Voice and Arutz Sheva/Israel National News)

"NY Budget Will Freeze CUNY & SUNY Tuition For Three Years" WNYC, April 7, 2021

"State Legislation Seeks to Make CUNY Tuition-Free" The Envoy, Feb. 8, 2021

"‘A Sour Life Lesson’: Pell Recipients Disqualified From Receiving Summer Scholarships" The Envoy, July 25, 2020